Stewardship is pretty much everything we do in life after we say “Yes” to Jesus Christ.  After all, we are but “stewards” or managers of all that God has entrusted to our care.

As we begin to think about our own stewardship and our activities at Holy Cross, we would ask you to join with the Stewardship Committee in the following prayer:

          Almighty God, whose loving hand has given us all that we possess:  Grant us grace that we may honor you with our substance, and, remembering the account which we must one day give, may be faithful stewards of your bounty, through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.

  All that we have and all that we are is a gift from God. We look forward to your prayerful consideration as we prepare for the 2023 Stewardship Campaign.  If you would like to schedule a private conversation regarding stewardship, please contact the church office a 828-963-4609.


Stewardship Campaign Committee