Episcopal Church Women

We are all women of the Episcopal Church:  rooted in our past and growing into God's Future. 


Our Mission:   Episcopal Church Women exists to support all women in their Mission and Ministry in the world.

Our Vision for all women of the Episcopal Church is that we become a vibrant blend of all ages, coming together as a peacemaking, healing part of the Church.  We aspire to be a Godspark, shining and sharing the love of Christ.

Our Goals are to strengthen lines of communication through the national website and diocesan visitations, to establish Women of Vision and Call to Action programs in every diocese, and to encourage familiarity with participation in the programs of Episcopal Church Women.

We have an active ECW at Holy Cross.   The organization awards college scholarships; contributes to seminary students; prepares a large array of jams, jellies and baked goods for the Valle Country Fair;  and serves the congregation an Easter Breakfast.  Our December meeting is a pot-luck luncheon accompanied by a lively gift swap.  At our monthly meetings everyone brings a sandwich to eat and one to share as we present a varied selection of speakers and field trips.  We share a close, Christian relationship with all Episcopal women who care to join us.  Currently, the ECW is in transition and re-evaluting how best to meet the changing needs of the parish members and friends. During this time of discernment, ECW meetings are held on an announced basis.

Episcopal Church Women's Prayer 

Almighty God we pray that you will bless our work in mission and ministry in the world.  Help us to pray fervently, labor diligently and give liberally to make known the power of your love given through your son Jesus Christ.  Let us not forget the lessons from the past nor fear the challenges of the future.  Anoint us with your grace and shine in our hearts as we reflect your light throughout the world.