Cemeteries & Burials

Cemeteries and Burials at Holy Cross and St. John’s

The Church of the Holy Cross maintains two burial plot Cemeteries, one located adjacent to Holy Cross, and the other adjacent to St. John’s Church. The availability of burial plots is limited at both locations and, therefore, pre-purchase is strongly advised. (Active members of Holy Cross have first priority in all burial plot purchases.)

Memorial Gardens for the interment of cremains (ashes) are also available at both churches. Costs for interment of cremains in the Memorial Gardens include a permanent name plate affixed to a bronze plaque located adjacent to the Memorial Gardens.

In addition, the Chapel of Remembrance at Holy Cross houses a lovely Columbarium for the permanent placement of cremains (ashes) in pre-purchased designated niches.

Burial and/or interment at Holy Cross and/or St. John’s Churches are conducted under the auspices and direction of the Parish Priest and solely in accordance with the burial rites of The Episcopal Church as authorized in The Book of Common Prayer. No other burial rites are permitted.

Costs for each burial/interment option vary. Please contact the Church Office for current pricing at (828) 963-4609.

Note: The design and size of memorial markers, plaques and headstones is restricted and should be discussed with the Church Office at the time of plot purchase.